Trustco PLC

HPE Cloud Volumes Webinar

In association with Trustco


Wednesday 31st July



HPE Cloud Volumes is a multi-cloud, enterprise class STaaS, designed for business applications and data mobility for AWS, Azure and Private Clouds. It’s as easy to use as native cloud storage but provides enterprise-grade reliability and features, data mobility between public clouds and on-premises, and global visibility no matter where your data lives.

During this webinar you will find out about Nimble Cloud Volumes, HPE’s latest cloud storage and public cloud platform broker.
  • Deploy
  • Analyze

In partnership with HPE & Trustco, all attendees to the webinar will receive a free CloudPhysics analytics software download that will assess your current vCentre and will generate bespoke cost simulations of your virtual environment for the main public cloud providers.

The promise of multicloud storage

Multicloud Storage
Multicloud storage
Works with multiple public clouds
Reduces downtime and data loss risk
Eliminates vendor lock-in
Provides easy cloud on-ramp from cloud-ready, on-premises hardware
Enables simple data movement between clouds